In this contest the contestant or team of contestants design and build small self- contained robots (micromice) to negotiate a maze in the shortest possible time. On the behalf of IEEE student branch, VIT, I have conducted a workshop on making of a Micromouse – ‘A DREAM FOR ALL THE ROBOTICS ASPIRANTS’. The micromouse was made initially with a DC motor,since the strategy revolved .. Integrate both ciruits to make up the micromouse circuit.

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It also measures the reflected light off things nearby, but it also tells me how much is reflected.

Maze Solving / Micromouse Rules

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Before you start purchasing for your auto or vehicle, make a decision how much you can afford to pay out, and stick to it. I have tried my best to find out the algorithm…but have failed to do so. I like to tell myself that, if my mouse can cope with these, it can cope with anything. What if we need to solve spiral shaped maze?

This site uses cookies. Here is a visual representation: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The robot is similar. The initial design planned incorporated four 6F22 9v general batteries,which posed considerable weight considerations.

Searching the maze The maze solving system the robot will use is to follow the right hand wall all the way until it finds the center. Thus as long as the sensors i,e robot was degrees with the side walls there would be no eroor signal. Search for the words in the search on the site. For the first step to serve its purpose it shud defenitely update a map everytime it comes across a cell.


I would like to kindlly request you to help me by providing algorithm details and code if mlcromouse. I then copied the code into Processing and modified it just enough to fit the rules of the Hos contest — no exits around the outside edge, and four open spaces in the hoa.

The weight of the robot was planned to be lesser than gm which would facilitate free motion of the robot even on rough surfaces.

On the top level I have Big Ideas like goals and how to achieve them. Now to tie the high level and the low level together.

The processor is the only onboard programmable chip,other peripherals included a shmitt trigger IC 74HC14N. Maurice micrmoouse, Even for a spiral mazeyou should imaginarily split the maze into section and number it such that your destination gets maie minimum cell value.

If it could solve with algorithm could you please send me a sample of the codes to my hotmail. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Is C language preferable or shall i try some other. You can find photos of my current Micromouse hereas well as links to other helpful sites here. I would greatly appreciate more details on the orientation sensors and how exactly you used them to get the robot back into a straight orientation. I wud appreciate it if u cud elaboratwe on the same.

Just before seeing a dealer, know what kind of motor vehicle you would like. Is this limitation of this floodfill algorithm or I am wrong with bow of my logic, parallel processing is not possible in this case?


Please guide m sir for constructing the program. Sir, We are designing and building a maze robot with almost the similar specification mentioned above.

A Beginner’s Guide to Building a Micromouse

Recent mak avoid the large moment of inertia due to huge wing arrays of the sensors and have opted for low riding mice that measure the distance from inside the wall. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

To accommodate for people with no prior experience in robotics, this site will: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

A post shared micromousd Marginally Clever Robots imakerobots on May 22, at 1: You are commenting using your WordPress.

Micromouse : Maze solving algorithm

Kindly give me the coding for it. Building and testing micromouse sensors https: However, this material is far from stable and my walls are now all curved in one or amke directions. I can correct that if you are logically wrong somewhere.

Hi Sir,Im an Electronic engineering student,read your blog,very useful. The micromouse competitions have existed for almost 30 years in the United States and it has changed little since its inception. Analog distance sensors for my micromouse robot.

Firsly i thank u for the wonderful work that mcromouse r doing. In hardware consideration of the design it was decided to use optical sensors rather than the ground-contact rolling sensors.

Last modified: February 23, 2021