shrIhanumat pa~ncharatnam ||} {.. Garland of Five Gems on Shri Hanuman..} { Translation by A. Narayanaswami} vItAkhila-viShayechChaM jAtAnandAshra. HANUMAT PANCHARATNAM-॥ श्रीहनुमत् पञ्चरत्नम् ॥ वीताखिल- विषयेच्छं जातानन्दाश्र पुलकमत्यच्छम् । सीतापति दूताद्यं . HANUMATH PANCHARATHNAM Duration: min. Views: Category: People. Hanumat Pancharatnam Duration: min. Views: Category: Music.

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The lotus blooms and opens at dawn when the rising sun spreads a glow and cheer all around. This tradition is followed in some of the temples even in Bombay where South Hnumat offer worship.

It is this face of Hanuman that gladdened the heart pwncharatnam his mother, Anjana, who used to look at it when Hanuman was a child. According to this discussion on advaita-vedanta. He is panhcaratnam with pink lotus-like face, pink like the early dawn, and eyes which overflow with feeling filled with compassion. Thus, he started the recitation of the story of Rama and hearing this, Sita looked up at once. Compositions by Sages like Sankaracharya have a special value and efficacy.

The worship of Hanuman is imperative before even a study of Ramayana and recitation of Ramayana or worship of Rama. The SUNDARA KAANDA acts as Kaamadhenu and Kalpavruksham on the face of earth by granting humans with worldly prosperities such as pasuvriddhi cattle wealthmproving ones lineage, removing sinsremoving drought and creating plentiful harvest, curing all diseases, and granting bhakthi devotiongyana knowledgevairaagya resolveand mukthi salvation.

hanuman pancharatnam

Hanuman is widely worshipped in Maharashtra. With unswerving devotion of Rama in his heart, Hanuman is proud in proclaiming the greatness of Rama and attributes all his powers and courage to Rama.

Ravana even threatened Sita that she will be killed and her flesh cooked for breakfast, if she did not accede to his wishes. He was never concerned about the hardships, or about his own safety. The Acharya says that Hanuman is eminently fit to be meditated upon.


Saturdays and Tuesdays are normally days observed as auspicious for Hanuman. Hanuman was the specially chosen the representative of the monkey contingent which hanymat forth in search of Sita, to go over to Lanka pancharaynam Sita had been taken by Ravana. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. The devotee will also be blessed with happiness and prosperity, the Pancharatna composition on Hanuman is therefore recommended for recitation.

Him I have now seen in person.

He, therefore, began destroying the gardens and the forests in Lanka to invite attention to himself. Conclusion Hanuman is a hero in his own right in the Pancharatanm.

Hanumat Pancharatnam

With the help of this herb, those who were considered dead were restored to life, their wounds of battle healed and they were fit to fight again. Truneekruta dashagreevam Anjaneyam namaamyaham!! Shambaravairisharatiga Mambujadala Vipulalochanodaaram Kambugalamaniladishtam Bimbajvalitoshta mekamavalambe He who is the son of Vayu, is beyond the reach of the love-arrows of Manmatha, the God of Love because he is free from passions and desires.

Thus Vayu, the Wind God, fathered Hanuman; Agni, the God of Fire, caused the birth of Neela; Surya or the Sun fathered Sugriva; and soon they became the leaders of the army of monkeys which helped Rama in his fight against the hordes of Ravana.

This was said to be composed in AD. His greatness is indeed to be extolled as he is verily a life-giver. However, let me clear that Adi Shankaracharya’s Hanumat Pancharatnam doesn’t contain it.

Hanuman Pancharatnam | Hanumat Pancharatnam | Adi Shankaracharya

I bow with bent head to him who is quick of mind, fast as the wind, the conqueror of the sense organs, the best among the wise, the son of Hxnumat, chief of the monkey hordes, and the messenger of Shri Rama 5.

He has composed them for our benefit. I bow with folded hands to Anjaneya who, having crossed the water of the ocean as if in play, took away the fire of grief consuming Sita and with that fire. His neck is shapely and his lips are red like a ripe fruit.


He brought joy to Rama who was grieving over Lakshmana, lying unconscious like dead, by bringing back Lakshmana to renewed life. I meditate on the beloved son of Vayu, Anjaneya, with bright-red countenance and body attractive as a golden mountain, who lives under the Parijata tree 6.

May the figure of Hanuman shine before me, the figure which dispelled the agonies of Sita, which manifested apncharatnam might and glory of Rama and which destroyed the fame of the ten-headed Ravana.

Of these, Hanuman having the characteristics of Vayu or the wind God could assume a small or big form as he wished and could travel at great speed like the wind. Hanuman caused the hankmat Asuras and their kith and kin to wail and weep and hang their heads in shame, when he destroyed single-handed hundreds of them who came to attack him, and further he also set fire to their houses and hnaumat them homeless.

Great physical strength he is known as Bajrangbali – pancharatham, strength of the body which is hard like a diamonda sharp mind, good analytical power, persuasive speech, undying and unparalelled devotion to Rama, undaunted courage which could meet great odds, great personal humility and strict Brahmacharya which means i pursuit of absolute knowledge of God; ii celibacy and freedom from passions and desires; iii personal humility hanu,at some of the important traits and qualities of Hanumatt.

Sunday, May 21st, Hanuman is known by several names. May their devotion increase. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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