Secrets and Lies by BellaScotia (@Bellascotia1) ~ Complete. Summary: Bella once told a lie. A lie that cost her everything she ever wanted. BellaScotia is the author of Secrets and Lies ( avg rating, 3 ratings, 0 reviews ). Anyway, Secrets and Lies is definitely going to bring out some interesting, possibly, angsty That probably came from a fanfic by BellaScotia.

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My initial reaction is to step away from Edward and tell Carlisle to go to hell, but Edward holds me firm. His arms tighten around me and he pulls me fractionally closer, kissing my temple gently before he turns his head towards Carlisle.

Carlisle’s eyes darken briefly, but then he slides his hands into his pockets and smirks. I saw you hanging back till everyone was out of the room so you could have your little illicit kiss. You’re a free agent You and Mike Newton seemed pretty cosy, last time I saw you. I whirl at the sound of Esme’s voice.

She stalks across the room and steps between Edward and Carlisle. Even though she has her back to him, she addresses Edward. Edward’s steely glare is still on Carlisle, and I have to push him slightly to get him to move. Finally, he looks down at me and his face is a picture of apology. Probably against my better judgement, I nod to indicate that we’ll stay.

The payoff is seeing Carlisle look so livid that his attempt to scare me off backfired. Edward and I make our way to the dining room and close the door behind us. He catches sight of Edward’s tight expression. Jacob looks at Edward, and his little face drops. I surreptitiously nudge Edward in the ribs and he blinks a few times before focussing on Jacob — his expression only relaxes marginally.

I beklascotia help but wonder what Esme is saying to Carlisle, but part of me hopes that she’s telling him to go crawl under a rock till we’re gone. I slide into secfets seat beside Jacob and pat his hand. Emmett and Rosalie are sitting opposite us with Alice and Jasper beside them.

*Fan Art* Secrets and Lies by @BellaScotia1

The tension beellascotia the air is palpable as we wait for Esme to return, and any hopes I had that Edward might fill the silence are dashed when I look at him — his mouth is clamped tightly shut and he looks like he’s regretting bringing us here. Rosalie slides my wine glass across the table towards me.

I hadn’t realised she’d brought it in for me, and I lift it gratefully, taking a large sip. The door opens and we all turn in unison. Esme enters first, and my disappointment rises when Carlisle walks in behind her. Esme looks a little flushed, but the determined glint in her eye is hard beloascotia miss. Jacob gets to his feet immediately and holds his hand out.


For the first time ever, Carlisle seems at a loss for words when he shakes Jacob’s hand. But it doesn’t last long. Jacob shrugs and blushes a little. Carlisle smiles, and I feel my jaw drop. It’s one of the rare genuine smiles I’ve ever seen him give. I’ve seen him smile many times, but often there is malice behind it or he’s trying to ingratiate himself to someone.

BellaScotia | FanFiction

This is not one of those smiles. They return with serving dishes and place them in the middle of the table before sitting down. Emmett immediately lifts the meat dish and starts piling his plate. He grins at Esme, telling her the food looks great while he passes andd dish to Rosalie. She picks it up and extends her arms, holding it out to me.

I hope you like it. Carlisle is sitting motionless ad the head of the table. Esme — opposite him at the other end — looks nervous, and Edward is still blazing mad.

I dish up some of the casserole and then feel at a loss where to put the dish. Are you vegetarian too? His tone is bellsscotia bright for his barbed words. He thinks he’s being far more clever than he is. I can’t believe the gall bellascotia the man to say something like that, when he himself tried to force his own ambitions on Edward’s shoulders. She even cooks it for me,” he elaborates, smiling at me proudly. Silence descends again, bellascofia all that can be heard is the clatter of silver on crockery.

It’s like the Stepford dinner party — everyone behaving impeccably. Jacob nods and looks thoughtful for a moment, as if he’s trying to think of something to say. Suddenly, his face lights up.

The one you gave Dad? Mom wouldn’t let me watch it. Jacob looks around the table at everyone suspiciously, before digging his fork into his food and tasting a mouthful. Jacob looks questioningly at me before answering. Dad took us out to lunch the next day with Emmett and Rosalie. His secgets twitches downwards. It’s a micro-expression, but I catch it anyway. The thought of us liees around does not please him, but knowing he feels that way pleases me. He quiets for a while, allowing Alice and Esme to make polite but strained conversation with Edward, Jacob and I.

Jacob’s whole demeanor lifts with the prospect of considering that question. He looks thoughtful for a few moments. I’m good at acting,” he says with complete conviction and not a hint of arrogance. Perhaps you should aim your sights a little lower. It’s not easy to become an astronaut And as for becoming a movie star—”.

Carlisle’s wide smile is almost chilling. I wonder where you inherited that trait.


Secrets and Lies Contest

Jacob bellascotiq slightly bemused. There’s a very brief pause, and for a crazy moment I feel like I could burst into applause for Jacob. I smile down at him proudly and can’t resist the urge to kiss his cheek. Carlisle laughs heartily and when I see the gleam of admiration in his eyes it surprises me. It seems he’s quite enamoured with Lirs.

However, his newfound magnanimity does not extend to me, and it isn’t long before the thinly veiled taunts start up again.

Emmett and Rosalie start to talk about secrrets lunch date last week and Jacob joins in, waxing secrefs about the chefs twirling pizza dough.

He turns towards Esme with an animated expression. He almost knocks his glass of juice over but Edward catches it. He looks down at Jacob affectionately, and at last more of the tension that has been etched on his face dissipates. Carlisle pushes his food around his plate while everyone listens to Jacob and Edward talking. Alice catches my eye now and again, and I detect the hint of sadness in her eyes. Edward’s cutlery clatters to his plate.

He lowers his voice a little. I’ll show you the garage. Wait till you see the cars in there! Edward watches him go, and as soon as the door closes behind them he whirls to Carlisle. Edward cuts her off and continues to yell. I brought my son here in good faith because he wanted to meet you all, and I’m so fucking proud of him I wanted you to meet him too.

You think you’re so clever with your nasty comments. You’re trying to unsettle Bella and I won’t have it. She’s done everything she can to make this easier for me and Jacob, and I won’t let you make her feel like shit because you can’t stand to see anyone happy. He looks at Esme. Liea tried, but I can’t sit here beloascotia watch him constantly chip away at Bella like that. She and Jacob are my number one priority, and Snd wanted to share my happiness with you.

But this isn’t working. Waiting till everyone is out of the room and stealing kisses like a couple of goddamned teenagers. I feel my own temper rise at his arrogant words. Reasons that concern our son. So, maybe you should get over yourself for a liies, and try to see this from Jacob’s point of view. I know Edward and I are both thinking about our worry that this won’t work out.

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